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  • SVH-14 Walk-behind Single Drum Road Roller

  • SVH-30 Walk-behind Single Drum Road Roller

  • SVH-30C Walk-behind Single Drum Road Roller

  • SVH-700 Walk-behind Single Drum Road Roller

  • SVH-50 Gasoline Walk-behind Vibratory Road Roller

  • SVH-50C Walk-behind Vibratory Road Roller

  • SVH-80 Walk-behind Vibratory Road Roller

  • SVH-80C Walk-behind Vibratory Road Roller

  • SVH-80CT Trench Road Roller

  • SVH-70C Ride-on Road Roller

  • ST-1000 1Ton Vibratory Roller

  • ST-1300 2 Ton Ride-on Hydraulic Roller

  • STJP-25/30 Laser Concrete Screed

  • SCL-55/90/130 Concrete Truss Screed

  • ST-06 Permeable concrete paving leveling machine

  • STM-25/30/36 Walk-behind Power Trowel

  • ST-80 Ride-on Concrete Power Trowel

  • STZ-25 Surface Finishing Screed

  • STC-30/40/50 Gasoline Road Cutter

  • STC-30/40/50 Gasoline Road Cutter

  • STKC-13 Grooving Machine

  • STSM-200/250/300 Road Milling Machine

  • ST13-30 Concrete Vibrator

  • ST-18 Road Breaker

  • STSM-250E Road Milling Machine

  • STSM-250 Road Milling Machine

  • SMLV-400A Portable Light Tower

  • SMLV-400B Mobile Light Tower

  • SMLV1000A Balloon Light Tower

  • SMLV-1000B Portable Light Tower

  • SMLV-1000QA Balloon Light Tower

  • 4TN4000 Trailer Mounted Light Tower

  • 4VA4000 Trailer Mounted Light Tower

  • STCF-55 Road Blower

  • STGF-60 Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine

  • STGF-100 Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine

  • Dump Truck

Jining Storike Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Jining Storike is a Chinese construction machinery manufacturer, which combines the foreign advanced technology with its independent innovation. In 2003 ,we produced our first product with strict production standards and...

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